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Bran Van 3000-Couch Surfer!
COUCH SURFER- The Unofficial Bran Van 3000 Resource!!!

October 15, 1999!-According to my "sources",

"EP "Electronic Pierre" Bergen from Bran Van 3000 is branching out on his own. While still being involved with Bran Van's upcoming album, he is devoting much of his time to his own project, HYDROFONIC. Yesterday, on Musique Plus, on Interfax, Genevieve Borne interviewed EP as to how the project was going, and the world got its first taste of the music."
That is very cool. Visit his site Hydrofonic and give him a little Bran Van Support.

June 25-Bad news...we didn't get the tickets. It seems my friend didn't get the chance. Oh well, there's always the jazz festival to look forward to. I'll see what I can do about finding a review of the show for you kids.

June 23-Pitchfork Online Magazine just did an interview with James DiSalvio, asking him a few questions about how things are going, and what plans he has for the future.Check it out!...Tonight Bran Van is opening for Prodigy. No news yet on whether I have tickets yet so keep your fingers crossed! :)

June 19-My friend Jeffrey and I are supposed to get free tickets to the Bran Van/Prodigy show coming to Montreal soon. If I do go, expect a full fledged review up in no time! Coming soon...also, I got a job today, working at Provisoir in Montreal! Congratulate me on ICQ, make me feel good :)

June 4-I've learned that Bran Van 3000 will be performing in the Montreal Jazz Festival. Pretty cool, finally I'll be able to attend a concert!Woohoo!

May 29-Today I got an email from a man with a masta plan, R-Kade. He recorded a song with Bran Van, on Glee. Check out his page. Trust me, its dope, and I don't use that term for everybody!

May 13-Rumour has it that Bran Van 3000 will be touring with Prodigy this summer! Cool, eh? This could be an even bigger break!

May 12-Bran Van 3000 was recently featured in a new magazine, Soda Magazine. Go and check out their review.

On a personal note, my job search isn't going as planned. Two weeks of frantic flogging and still nothing. If you have an idea of where I can find a job, contact me!.

April 22-I'm currently planning a trip to the city where Bran Van originated from; I'm leaving the wilderness of the Gaspe coast and heading for MONTREAL!I'm going to look for a summer job, in case you're wondering.

By the way, this is my excuse for why the page isn't being updated as often as I'd like! :)

April 14-Bran Van 3000 is on tour in the U.S. as we speak. Here are the tour dates. Check em out children!

I just added a Bran Van chat room. If and when we start getting lots of visitors, hopefully it will be full. Until then, expect to talk to yourself alot. :)

April 8- This is the unfinished version of Couch Surfer-The Unofficial Bran Van 3000 Page! In the coming weeks, a pastiche of flavourful info will appear here, depending on the rate at which I find it.

Stay tuned kiddies!

Glee, BV3000's Latest Release

Back to our mothership...Tab City!


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