Gee what can I say? I'm a 17 year old living in Matapedia, Quebec.It's quite a small town, which explains why I have so much time to waste making webpages, such as my Slushie's Snackpit-Born to ROCK! Page...also I made a page for the Maritime Junior A Hockey League. Hmm...I am a stalwart defender of freedom. It pisses me off when someone tries to limit any of my freedoms, especially my freedom of speech.

When I'm not ranting and raving, I enjoy playing guitar,writing poetry, and mellowing out. Also I'm a big sports fan. I love music. It's what keeps me alive, what keeps me from moving on to the next plane of existence. I even try to make music of my own; here is a song I wrote called New Years.

You're probably sick of hearing me go on and on so here's a description of my computer. I ripped this idea off of Carl Murray so bear with me. ;)

My Computer's Stats

I bought this whole package for $1901.91 Canadian, with the tax!

 Memory:  32 Megs SDRAM
 Motherboard:  ASUS TX P4 w/512K
 Hard Disk:  IBM Deskstar 3.2 Gigabyte
 Floppy Disk Drive:  Panasonic 1.44
 CDROM Drive:  Panasonic 24X CDROM
 Video Card:  ATI 3D Charger Rage II+DVD
 Sound Card:  Soundblaster AWE 64 Value
 Modem:  Maxtech 33.6 Voice/Fax Modem
 Monitor:  AOC 15" 5V
 Mouse:  Microsoft Serial Mouse
 Microphone:  Gameshot Microphone
 Keyboard:  Keytronic 6100 Bilingual Keyboard
 Speakers:  BW 180 Watts Multi-Media Speakers
 Gamepad: Gravis PC Gamepad (7.99 at Future Shop)

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