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Let us take this moment to acknowledge the reason why we are looking for guitar tabs; because we simply love guitars. Tabs allow us to improve our playing, to expand our horizons, and to learn new material. Each of these things are critical to a guitarist. This is about more than tabs...this is about perfection... and here is a small taste:

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Alice in Chains:Seattle boys that made it all the way...
Butthole Surfers:The strangest band to surface in a long while!
Hayden:A refreshing way of creating music;straight from the heart.
Foo Fighters:Dave Grohl and his wonderful post-Nirvana Rock-fest...
Korn: Johnathan Davis and the best Rhythm Section in Music today!
Marilyn Manson:Need I say more?
Matthew Sweet:Melodic Pop Song-smith
Nine Inch Nails:Trent Reznor...a one-man wrecking crew...
Nirvana:Kurt mortem grunge king...
Radiohead:The greatest brits to make music since the Beatles...
REM:Good 'ol Southern boys with their 80's Alt-rock
Rusty:Alt-country Canadian rockers, on the way up in the business...
The Smashing Pumpkins:Billy Corgan and his creative ego...
Sepultura:Brazilian Death metal...They kick A$$
Soundgarden:They rock, nobody can deny it!
Stone Temple Pilots:The Perennial hit machine thats broken up because of heroin
Miscellaneous Tabs:from all sorts of bands!!!

New Tabs:Updated as of APRIL 22

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